Not Just A Montessori Photo Shoot

2019 – Florida Keys, North America

One day a call came in from a teacher who wanted a Montessori photo shoot done quickly and needed a price.

Montessori merges with technology

It happened so fast. One of those moments when decades of philanthropic acts are recognized in a small, but significant way.

Film Production & Photo Philanthropy

I seriously always loved embarking upon filming and photographic production of events and programs – all simply for the pleasure of learning to do it and for giving it away

So You Want New Website Photographs?

And when you get that ‘I need photos quickly how much let me pay you now’ phone call, well you have the feeling someone is watching out for you and the world is good again for a moment. Or it’s a scam? Because it all sounds like one of those phone calls to you. Until you realize the person you are talking to is your children’s teacher! Pinch me I’m dreaming!

Not only is your newly formed professional photography and film production business going to benefit but your skill set will expand and grow.

I personally LOVE taking pictures of the school environment where all the Jones kids have been educated, socialized and become generally very well adjusted young women.

But philanthropic acts of film and photo production have their limits in terms of what you can give and still pay bills. Well. I did go over board a bit! Happy now though, the Principal is taking on a project that is above and beyond anything I’d ever hoped. And it’s giving such a lot of local people really great vibes!

Down Syndrome Acceptance & Special Olympics Training !

My Down Syndrome daughter has had such a nurturing reception from the Principal in particular whose special needs training will be put to good use this year in the 2019 Special Olympics Swim competition on August 17th at Founders Park in Islamorada, Florida.

But Isn’t This A Blog About The Business Of Photography?

YEA! This blog is about the photo shoot: well I simply need to share the photographs that were delivered to for their refreshed website. I must say it was the best organized and easiest photo shoot ever. Well done to the awesome team !

What’s An ‘Easy’ Photo Shoot

I arrived with a timeline they gave me, very precise, to the minute and spent the three hours there shooting every aspect of a capacity attended interactive teacher training Montessori program. As well as the portraits requested and the exterior group shots with the sign. And the materials and the classroom shoot!

Sony Flash Synchronized – FE1.4 50mm Sony Alpha9

We also brought the 70-200mm lens and a wide. But to make the day brilliant I had my favorite assistant: Mira Jones supporting me . She is an up and coming photographer with an exceptionally creative eye. Her shots are the best. She is 11! We didn’t think to dust. Whoops!

It was a bit like shooting fish in a fish bowl! Except these were people. And Montessori materials. In the classroom setting. Nothing was moving fast.

Montessori Who Needs It!

Between two world wars several educational theories born of a need to prevent such inhuman acts, came to life, and the Montessori Pedagogy was one of them.

Nada Khalaf-Jones, North American Montessori Center Early Childhood and Lower Elementary Diploma 2007

Treasure Village Montessori is a Montessori Live Teacher Training Center

Islamorada’s Montessori Charter School
New Montessori Biology Manipulatives
Montessori Live Teacher Training Workshop
Capacity Attendance & Interactive Training

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