Cloud – Ocean

taking your hands off the wheel isn’t yet a reality – but it’s close
Tesla is transforming our world – we love it
Cloud – Ocean

The sky view from behind the gas pump blew my mind. Had the Sony Alpha with me. Went cloud hunting. The end of gas is coming. We are almost all electric. And with our new Tesla solar it’ll be 100% sustainable. Goals. For all mankind.


My film maker, and for sure the photographer, radar started pinging like crazy. Not everyday I run out of gas as I pull into the gas station. Especially since I’m typically driving an electric car. But as I filled up the big ass truck, I saw something that for sure I would have missed it if it wasn’t for the gas stop. The horizon had this contrasting dark-white-dark-white cloud floating with a flat horizon – a thick level of cloud floating over the ocean.

Flat Calm Ocean – CLOUDS – Film Maker Photographer Alert!

Flat Calm Ocean – Candy For My Camera

Instead of going home I took an ocean-wards turn aiming to practice the film making skills I’m worst at: steady camera, zoom in tight and keep it steady! For sure a good arm workout helps but so does a monopod and a gimbal. Where are they when you need them most?

It’s like life: you don’t always have the equipment you need. But if you got the camera, the sd card and the batteries are charged…it’s amazing what comes out of a few moments with dramatic cloud and flat calm ocean.

Trick is to ignore the bugs biting. The shaky hand. And the dishes and Linsey waiting a few miles north.

Tying the flat calm ocean and dramatic cloud to the Tesla and V8 Nissan Titan? Well the message? Well. Gas v electric. Emissions v no emissions? Autonomous vehicles v not. That’s how.


The Hope Springing From Seagulls Clouds & Calm Ocean

The scenes depicted here filled me up with hope that it’s worth making some autonomous vehicle choices to help this amazing planet and some of us frequent drivers.

Full Self Driving (FSD)

Or, one day, (Only one company has it implemented and that’s truck company full self driving (FSD) will make it possible for everyone and the rest of the people who wouldn’t get out without fully autonomous vehicles that could take them places! Elderly, disabled, uniquely abled.

Car Background; Titan XD Platinum & Tesla Model S

When HURRICANE-IRMA left we had no cars. She took em with her. So we went from no car payments to two used car payments!

One, a gorgeous used full leather interior Titan XD Platinum, a fairly low mileage big blue loud V8. Truck!!!

The other, a used all electric, semi autonomous Tesla Model S. Electric. Silent. Faster and safer then most other cars! On and off earth

Honestly you couldn’t get more opposite! This photography and film shoot at Harry Harris Park represents a real passion for a better world. Tesla says he is after the same thing. And I, for one, believe him. Money. Heck yeah. He is in it for the money. But look what he is doing. SpaceX – Batteries – Boring Co!

But something better for us and our kids. That too. And no emissions. Look it up.

Autonomous driving tech is really smart now: it may make all the difference in our uniquely abled daughters life! And anyone else who can’t drive. It’s a freedom. Precious. To go to work or school. Under your own steam. Well: with Tesla driving you safely where you need to go.


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