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real estate drone
it’s a life style choice – when you buy a home – it’s never just a home

Real Estate Film and Photography – so competitive with new game changing tech. Matterport. Iphone11pro. The new Moment Lenses! Anyone can jump into the industry with a few thousand dollars. But how much does editing, getting light and angles as well as doorways straight, affect the clients willingness to pay for professional photographs? How long will 2 D be enough for consumers? And when a Samsung Galaxy or iphone11pro will do? Is it the end of the DSLR in real estate? Personally I love the way my rig works, the lights I use are fab in all situations, but there are some even more compelling new lighting solutions: Light And Motion just released affordable, game changing tech for visual content producers. It’s hard to keep up! And for weddings the new wireless microphones have shrunk, the new 360 cameras are easier to edit. Where will it plateau? #filming #weddingvideo #realestatephotography #droneservices #realestatefilm #floridakeysiconicaerials #visualcontentproduction

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