Ocean Overflow

Ocean Overflow

Seize The Moment


Key Largo – John Pennekamp State Park seasonal King Tides – there are days when the ocean overflow brings fish with it. Minnows swim in the street where next we walk the dogs and skateboard.

It’s fun. Until it isn’t.

Hurricanes are not fun. But this is fun. Ocean overflow is a regular occurrence for us. We park the car next door at our neighbors house.

Canal Water – State Park Water

Our backyard is pictured below, with canal water flowing into the yard. When we kayak it’s a good place to launch.

It seems we are seeing more water each year. It seems like more than that millimeter we heard about. Who really knows? If you do, please post a comment! (I’m a former freelance journalist and now officially lazy about research)

Build Up?

We are thinking about the idea of raising our slab and building up. So our yard would be higher. And looking around the neighborhood I see everyone building higher. It would raise us above flood – but the whole land is low here. We are in a dip.

Raising the entire road and street area would be an astronomical cost. So that probably won’t happen. What should people do who live on the edge like this? We know what happens in hurricanes. We have been through and seen it!


Kayaking is easy. For us quick access to the ocean by boat is a few minutes from here. And whilst we love to swim in the shallower canals we alway go around like true vigilantes when we go out grabbing rubbish from the mangroves. Kayak clean ups are a regular thing for us.

Kayak Coastal Cleanup

We collect endless piles of trash! Floor tiles, Kitchen bits, Bottle caps, Bottles, Beer cans, empty and full. Shoes, Boat bits, Plastic plastic plastic! Some from hurricanes. But the bulk from humans who just don’t get it and don’t care.

Not caring about disposal of trash, failure to put trash in recycle bins or trash cans is polluting! I think on that we all agree.

Also our use of plastic has to change; we simply have to remove the need for it and then production will stop. Of course exceptions. But we’ve probably made enough plastic to recycle and build everyone on earth a home.

Single Use Plastic Can Be Used Differently

I’m sick of the plastic. We see it wash up here. And always take care of it! How to fix the mess we have made since single use plastics came about? High environmental cost to make, low financial price. Not a good equation! Got to change.

Recycle plastic used for kayaks, decking, fencing…it sounds like a good idea. More of that plz.

Our ocean overflow – or seasonal visits by the ocean, with the water flowing around us. We celebrate! Of course we are happy we get this amazing treat! And then it goes away. It does. Will it not go away one day??

ut the salt corrodes the metals – and oxidation occurs. And the pollution from our cars and chemicals flows straight into the canals.

Not sure if it gets out to the nearshore waters and the reef.

Mangroves grow along many canals in our neighborhood, people cut them down, but we need them to grow to support ecosystems, to protect us – too – give us oxygen to breath. And also to grow the birds, beasties and fish!

The mangrove trees and their roots around us are a truly mad crazy world of nature and nurture for all the local coastal critters, birds and ocean fish babies! Seriously. When you cut down a mangrove forest you take away the nurseries for all of the critters who live here.

We’ve seen bunny rabbits hopping around in the twilight – hiding from prying eyes. I never knew there were Florida Keys rabbits!

We hang out sometimes and watch the young birds nesting and snorkeling we see the fishies swim between the roots! I’ve seen baby grey and green Heron’s growing into adults year after year. And the schools of mullet and even Tarpon have come in here. It’s magical!

Stay Strong – Kayak Daily – Make A Difference

For my part, and my kids, I believe we should keep trying to improve our behavior and reduce our polluting impact on earth. We all must do this as a family.

We recycle everything we can. And we are a humble home: all second hand cars, thrift store shopping. As a photographer and film maker I buy high carbon footprint stuff to do my work.

So I’m constantly trying to make a good impact by being sustainable everywhere possible. And we have four children so – we made a big carbon footprint!

Luckily for us one of our teens is pursuing a career in Marine Biology. She loves sharks. Maybe she will be able to study them on our street in a few years?

And when we hear back from Tesla we may have the money to put solar panels on our roof, even though many friends are nuclear power plant operational people, I know they probably disagree w this.

But I still feel like a sun driven source is a less impactful than nuclear waste.


We plan to become an all Tesla family soon. With cheaper models and more second hand vehicles out there – this is a good time to get a zero emissions vehicle with a top safety rating.

Here is a very lively thread on my Facebook page about that!

Tesla Charger!

Marker 88 Restaurant

Thanks to the people who weighed in with their opinions. It matters! Your words do matter. It’s made me learn more about it. And I’m more determined than ever to go completely solar and thus cleaner energy for the Tesla fuel.

Hubby is pulling his hair out. It’s ok he has lots of it.

Sustainable In Death?

Me and the hubby after we buried my Mom in a bamboo casket, in Eden Valley Woodland Natural Burial Grounds.

All orchestrated by the family, in England, my Mom – and my siblings organized the whole process. My Mom had her casket in her closet for a week before she left us. She ordered it from Amazon. The only paid service was the hospice who cared for her to the end, and the family who own the burial grounds, who dug the hole, filled it in and planted the Crab Apple Tree. We made up our own ceremony!

That little corner of the meadow is now called ‘Ingrid’s Meadow’

This truly was a sustainable burial in a woodland glen right next to a very busy railway line, in the heart of the English countryside. When it comes to changing the way we do things: it really starts with you.

We Buried Our Own Mom!!! Shocking.

And you should be brave. Because many people don’t like and are afraid of change! And they won’t support you. Until they see it works. Then they will copy you. And a little part of you will say, “see, I told you so” but you can’t say it out loud. Totally ruins the effect.

I fee like Elon Musk is like this. He is a change bringer. So am I. And I want to tell you all that you get one shot. One life. Do it!

Make Good Out Of Whatever

Lemons and Lemonade – Ocean Overflow is great fun for the kids and dogs!!! Make good things happen, work your ass off. I’d say if your goal is to help your life by helping pick up one bit of trash and use one less piece of plastic, spray one less chemical, this will help other people around you do better, too.

It’ll help our earth home. And I reckon you’ll find yourself in a different place in life.

I love the Key Largo neighborhood ocean overflow. Love it love it! It is terrible for the cars but it is amazing for us to play in.

When you decide you are going to love every experience no matter what, it is a good way to be. Jump in. Two feet. Dare.

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