AJ & Sarina’s Hawaiian Themed Boho Style Beach Wedding


Largo Resort is on the beach in Key Largo – it’s a secluded botanical paradise with plenty of sandy little pathways – wedding and elopement vendors are plentiful in the South Florida landscape – it’s tropical climate attracts the best of the best and competition is fierce.

Consequently the talent is top tier: locations like Largo Resort work hard to be chosen.

Stacia Morgan Photography – Lucky for us one of the best photographers around called us to work alongside her on a wedding she was photographing. Her talent is something the world has just begun to experience.

Largo Resort – Studio South Flowers – Key Destination Events Planners – Keys Audio Party Rentals Tables, Chairs, Tents

Internationally renowned and published it is an honor to work alongside her.

Key Destination Weddings & Events – Perfect planning isn’t a noisy American joke – it’s a savvy move for anyone with the intention of chilling out whilst also making the most important decision of their entire lives! The planning team we filmed around were better than the best and have not met their equal yet.

Their reviews are a testimony to that.

Studio South Islamorada – Flowers done with care and precision are so beautiful – the elegant tropical lay of the bouquet and centerpieces was spot on – it always is with this company who have been successful for decades here.

Wedding Chicks Wedding Film & Wedding Photography Featured 2018 & 2019

The Wedding Films

We made three films plus this teaser trailer for AJ & Sarina’s wedding at Largo Resort, Key Largo. As a ‘new’ wedding film maker it’s important to me to know what I love and like doing most. It is – we anticipate – also what the couple love seeing most.

Do What You Love – You’ll Attract The Right Thing

Featured in and Recommended Vendor with

Zola www.zola.com

Tacari Weddings www.tacariweddings.com

Gay Weddings And Marriage www.gayweddingsmagazine.com

The Daily Dog Tag www.thedailydogtag.com

Wedding Chicks www.weddingchicks.com

Let’s Bee Together www.letsbeetogether.com

Drone Wedding Video

Drone wedding video and drone wedding photography add so much value to one of the most important moments in the entire world of human existence.

By the numbers:TWITTER This Teaser Trailer Wedding Film 6 views 54 seconds

TWITTER This Teaser Trailer Wedding Film 6 views 54 secondstwitter.com/skybornvisual/status/1161331237753106435

VIMEO This Full Length Wedding Film 46 plays 4 hearts 26 minuteshttps://vimeo.com/357612953

VIMEO This Highlight Wedding Film 240 plays 3 hearts 10 minuteshttps://vimeo.com/358122141

VIMEO This Social Wedding Film 71 plays 3 hearts 1 minutehttps://vimeo.com/358779365

Florida Keys Wedding Vendor List – Largo Resort Wedding


Island Time Trolley http://www.islandtimetrolley.comwww.islandtimetrolley.com


Florida Keys Brewing Companyhttps://www.floridakeysbrewingco.com/product-page/new-palm-spf


Studio South Islamoradahttps://www.studiosouthflowers.com/new-page-2


Florida Keys Bridal Teamhttps://www.floridakeysbridalteam.com/


Maggie’s Bakery, Key Largohttps://maggiesbakery.wixsite.com/keylargo


Key Destination Weddings & Eventshttps://www.keydestinationevents.com/


Chef Drew Island Cateringhttps://www.chefdrewsislandcatering.com/contact-us


Stacia Morgan Photographywww.staciamorganphotography.com


Skybornvisual / Floridakeysdronepros http://www.skybornvisual.com http://www.floridakeysdronepros.com


Kona Kai Resort Botanical Gardens and Art Gallery will be featured in the 11/12/2019 edition of Tacari Weddings. A perfect venue for elopements and small weddings that overlooks the bay waters of the Florida Keys.

Michelle and Josh’s Styled Elopement Such Beautiful Photography and Film

Six vendors from all over the Florida Keys gathered together their wedding fashion, decor, makeup, photographic, cake making, flower arranging talent and made a magical story come to life with alluring colored, textures and moods – perfection for anyone seeking a sampling of the skills Florida Keys vendors have to offer.

THE GOAL – Highlight the fabulous 13 bungalow Kona Kai Resort with a film for future brides and grooms, brides and brides and grooms and grooms who may have a beachfront Elopement or Wedding in mind.

THE PLAN – Gather the talent – all volunteers – to share their skill. Create the sizzle moments. Photographs and film them in a way couples will cherish for years to come as a photographic album or film of their own Elopement or Wedding

THE DAY – We gathered around 3pm in the ‘Bread Fruit Suite’ it overlooks the beach and has its own private hammock area. The hair and makeup and preparations were complete and the groom suitably dressed with his Bouttoniere by 445pm ready to meander the property and meet his blushing Boquet wielding bride. The couple chose to sit for a pre-sunset photo shoot with the gorgeous cake, flowers and sweet croissants and pastries under the Tiki Hut – sip in some blush wine and plan their honeymoon excursions. They walked slowly to the point for a little slow sunset dancing, some drone video. They pop the champagne cork and cut the cake!

THE RESULT – A beautiful sizzling moment with Josh and Michelle on the beach overlooking the water. Six vendors showcased their wedding work. And a fabulous feature is being presented to the whole wide world in Tacari Weddings.


Speak to me in dreams you swift footed child – you ran fast across battlements – a war raging wild – your mischievous soul harnessed by manned flight – your sweet love for peace never dimmed by lifes fight – speak to me in dreams my swift footed teen – about the sweet girl who became your hearts Queen – and now in our dreams will your grand-children ever be – for they are swift footed just like you and me. Bism’Allah Al Rahman Al Rahim – Amin – Our Father Who Art In Heaven – Amen – I love you – my incredible father and my first ever best friend

DOWNLOAD? Please visit the gallery here https://adobe.ly/2W7J1i9

DOWNLOAD? Second option for the gallery here https://www.nadakhalafjones.com/blog/goodbye-dad-a-natural-burial/

Florida Keys Drone Pros & Sky Born Visual

201 Sombrero Beach Road

447 Sombrero Beach Road

Real Estate Drone Video – Condominium Shoot

We made three films plus this teaser trailer for the wedding at Largo Resort, Key Largo.

As a ‘new’ wedding film maker it’s important to me to know what I love and like doing most. It is – we anticipate – also what the couple love seeing most.

Wedding Film Story Is Just Magical

By the numbers:

TWITTER This Teaser Trailer Wedding Film 6 views 54 seconds


VIMEO This Full Length Wedding Film 46 plays 4 hearts 26 minutes


VIMEO This Highlight Wedding Film 240 plays 3 hearts 10 minutes


VIMEO This Social Wedding Film 71 plays 3 hearts 1 minute


Wedding Film Is Also Photography

Halloween Photography is a time when everyone in the family gets to be in and contribute some artistic idea of their own to the overall effect. Including the dogs. Setting up a scene takes time and collaboration.

We love to make Five Ingredient Thai Pumpkin Soup, or choose from the Food & Wine Top Ten Best Pumpkins Soups with all these different lovely pumpkins.

We LOVE to sprinkle dry ice into a few Jack-O-Lantern metal cauldrons as well as add floral arrangements by Studio South, Islamorada and Noir Cake with Chocolate and Lavender Cream with a Crown of Fresh Berries and Stars by Maggies bakery in Key Largo.

Check back with us soon for the full floral and cake, with dogs and kids treat of a scene.


Happy Halloween Photography – we love the pumpkins – the spider webs and sparkle black BOO it’s so exciting for the kids – of all ages. And when the flowers, cake, dogs, costumed trick or treaters come over for the birthday party on October 29th this still life scene will come to full film life in a whole new way.

Key Largo Halloween Photography

Halloween Photography
Publix Grocery Store Pumpkins – Large Colourful Varieties; Dionisio Farms, Pueblo, Colorado. White Mini ‘Lumina Variety’ Pumpkins; Danny’s
Halloween Photography
Florida Keys Jewelry 14K Gold Chocolate and Yellow Diamond Sunflower Ring

October 13th Flowers & Cake – Halloween Photography

Skeleton Cat & Sunflower Ring Posed by ‘Almost’ Halloween Birthday Girl

Hopefully your Commercial Drone WORK involves drone video & drone photo for Rental Property & Real Estate, plus ocean, sand, sand dunes, sea oats, waves – clouds – birds and that horizon
394 ft max height – got some nice photos of the new Sombrero Beach Front Park dunes and the park looking fab – love the progress here since #irmahurricane and we will be back for more next month

DJI Inspire1 Pro with the very excellent Zenmuse X5S Aspherical F1.7 Lens

in love with ocean – sand – waves – sand dunes – sea oats – palm trees

Drone Work Is Always A Pleasure – Do It Legally – You Will Benefit From Doing It Legally – So Will Everyone Else

drone video
begin here http://www.faadronezone.faa.gov or go visit http://www.remotepilot101.com or http://www.airmap.com or http://www.skyward.com
last time we flew here the view was very different – this is hopeful and green – love the green
a bigger view – sombrero beach road
drone video
this beach is beginning to look like one i’d bring my kids to – mostly because the sand is lovely and there are waves – that sound tho!!

Florida Keys Drone Pros LLCC has FAA waivers in the Florida Keys, including Key West and Marathon.

The drones attached to these waivers are the Inspire 1 Pro w Zenmuse X5s, the Mavic Pro Plus w the Hasselblad Camera the GoPro Karma w the GoPro Hero7 and the GoPro Hero8 soon to be ours.

Return On Drone Investment Overnight ?

That is an expenaive drone? Well cost is only one2,185 for a DJI refurbished drone. Yes. But that didn’t happen over night. And it was a cost to me to begin with. Begin the right way in your heart and you’ll get it right.

In Your Heart? What The!

Be a servant to your creative inspiration – the energy from that keeps me going when the work isn’t inspiring. Even when you choose what work you do – you can lose momentum when the bills pile up and you can’t visualize a successful path to balancing the books. So keep the spark lit! Shoot what you love…frequently!

Finding clients and new aerial film, photo and social media marketing projects is hard. It’s hard wherever you go. It’s not a difficult skill set to learn! But the reward, for me, is the ability to continue to have and to be able to embark upon and complete work with enough resources to pay for the cost of doing it. It’s a self fulfilling cycle. With beautiful visuals and happy clients at the end of that rainbow!

So, many people would consider me someone with a visual content production company, as a hobby, one that is paying for itself. I’m good with that. For now…

Nada Khalaf-Jones, Film Photo Production

If I’m lucky it’ll never stop. But luck has less to do with this than constant seeking. Since I began in 1999 writing and photographing for media outlets, skills we’ve learned in the Florida Keys and all over the globe have fed into the Film Photo Production. Inspired work is always infinitely better: and now it no longer costs me money to fly the drone. It’s paying for itself.


Hey we didn’t have a clue once upon a time. After that we knew 100% more. The trick is to know you are as good as the next person. And keep your chin up. You can’t learn if you rigid with fear. And then you relax, then you learn! And then you know more. And then you publish your work and then the experience starts to come hard and fast. Be ready. And Publish your work! You will benefit from knowing you are good, good enough, better, best!

My first ever wedding film and photography was for Brent & Nick – blanked by the ‘official’ photographer from mentioning her name, she refused to share her photographs, so we made the digital stills from the film and were Featured in Gay Weddings & Marriage amongst other publications x 3!

Destination Wedding in Key Largo



1) best quality is absolutely vital

shoot great images and clips (always raw and always 4k or better always w gimbal or steadycam) follow – the story you love – this will be the story others love (most of the time) follow the action, calm yourself – see ahead a few seconds – flow with the schedule of the day – be candid or pose the couple or your subjects as much as they feel comfortable with and always have batteries, microphones and lights ready! Prepare yourself before hand. Keep the equipment you need in a small bag on you. And keep the batteries and sd cards there too. Mine is a Louis Vuitton pouch my Mother Gabe me before she died of cancer. I use it every time.


2) rigid structure format or free flow creative film and photography

when you film and photograph always start with a creative theme – even if it isn’t relevant to start with, it’ll come together. Obviously if you are shooting a wedding it’s done for you. So what if you want to make film and photo for the sake of it? Well then, take aim at your favorite topic and start filming. And then there is the creative side of the art of film and photo; the styled shoots! My fave is Halloween, then pets, the flowers and wedding rings, food and wedding decor and children – there are NO RULES. Just shoot the world as it moves, underwater, drone, hyper lapse, slow mo, edit with unusual transitions and get a story flowing. Your work can be as loose and unstructured or as tight and strategic as you like.

3) magazine submission through Two Bright Lights

you will need to open your account at Two Bright Lights – sign up for a photographer account – you can add video to your photographic submissions but not photography to your film submissions so easily (its complicated) they offer various account levels – pick your spend amount and marketing and set up your profile – take your time! Do it right!

the family wait for the grooms – great time to get an ‘establishing’ shot

4) find a good fit for your film and photographysuch variety

4) read through the magazine requests and all the faq’s about how to submit – what they want and what you are interested in making – is it engagement portraits in North Carolina, or NYC. Weddings typically you’ll need shots of the couple, details of the cake, the decor, the rings, the dress, flowers, bridal party etc, for film it’ll be similar shots, make sure you get the venue and make sure you have all the vendor information for each film clip and photograph you submit. The wedding industry websites and publications thrive on growing their network using your submissions! It’s a massive digital marketing pyramid!! You supply the new vendors – they get new accounts. You get published, the magazines get their content.

5) album content defines what you submit – look at what the magazines use and want

put together the right content, open an album and chose the relevant event title: weddings – wedding styled shoot, lifestyle, party, etc, color themes, location: private residence, beach etc, it guides your through your choices. You will be advised to submit to publications matching your shoots theme. So be as revealing and open as you can as you go through the album creation phase, take your time. You’ll find the right opportunities present themselves.

6) picking the cover shot can mean failure or success a lot is riding on this image!

upload your best high resolution photographs – typically without branding – and select the Cover shot! You must try and get it perfect. Pick a good one! For film and photography submissions it’s tough because you can’t upload the film: just the photo. Make it one from the film if you can! Or one you know is a breath taking scene – similar to a breath taking photograph. It’s always great to show a behind the scenes shot if you do get one.

7) be prepared to write elegantly about your work – infuse it with your enthusiasm

you’re submission will benefit from a great written message; clear your mind, think why you did this, what was wow about it, then write your story, about the day, and how it came about, who you used and why. Excitement spreads. Enjoy your story: you get a chance to shine. They may use your exact words for their feature and then you can also say you are the author! save it, re-read and edit for grammar!

sister of the groom – their choice of colors was fabulous – pool, yellow and white

8) pick from the suggested fit or choose your own 5 non exclusive or 1 exclusive?

pick your publications – they’ll suggest good for for you, but you get to pick 5 non exclusive or 1 exclusive publication. I just learned my favorite online mag doesn’t take any submissions that have been offered to anyone else within a month of them receiving it. When you know your fave publications you’ll know what they like and don’t. Until then submit to non-exclusives you’ll know soon enough what works. Also, in a year the two magazines I love have removed their contract with TBL. They have figured out the formula works for them too. They have now set up their own submissions system – many are doing this now. Check the ones you like: most will have a submissions page on their website.

and drum roll – go out and shootdon’t sit and wait for the ‘we want to feature you’ email to come in!

the rejection and the acceptance – nail biting doesn’t help anyone. So get busy: start a new project or go shoot portraits of the dog – don’t sit there waiting. Submissions are like job interviews. Once they call or email you with more questions it’s likely you’ll be featured! It feels great! But be ready to do some editing if asked. It’s worth it because thousands of people will see this and you will be able to share th badge on your social media for years. And you may find they re-use a good feature over and over again! Royalties? Forget it!

10) be brave, empower others – make a start, find a groove and make it stick – then prepare for change – coz it’s the universal constant brah

just because someone else has better stuff doesn’t mean they have a clue, be brave. Take a first, second, third step. Believe in your skill. And always do strive to build a team and empower those around you, also keep the ball rolling; seriously I’ve been published many times – my first feature was a gay couple who didn’t even want film, but I offered it for free to learn. I shot it all on smartphones, with gimbals, and gopros’s and the Sony A7rii. Also the Phantom4Pro for aerials. It was the most fun I’ve had. I had cameras everywhere. And it turned out brilliantly. It was a winner. Feature three times. Altogether. Don’t stop submitting to be published. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Good luck!


Recently we had the pleasure of being asked to photograph our lovely friend Mary at Largo Resort. It was her 16th! And we had a lot of fun.

This is Mary, she is the SEU Cheer Team Manager – Heck Yeah!

We advocate for uniquely abled people to have independent and fulfilling lives: it means we want them to be as independent as they can be.

Florida Keys Down Syndrome Educational Trust aims to support that with funds for services by qualified instructors, therapists and trainers who work alongside uniquely abled kids to get them in the best place they can be to fully optimize their living arrangements and life skills.

We are parents of a DS daughter and we know she can do great things. But it takes so much time – it seems the world is just too busy for her – so we have to stomp our feet a bit to get what we want sometimes.

Other times it’s like everyone’s whispered about it behind our backs and come up with this awesome plan. Those times it feels like Angels are real and Heaven does exist on earth.

Volleyball Team Pre-Practice Included Laila! (Shh don’t tell anyone but I’d pay to have her do this daily!!)

Like When Volleyball Team Pre-Practice Includes Laila

Our best tip: don’t lose hope for too long. If you fee yourself slipping (down a slippery slope of no hope) tell someone. Can’t bear to show weakness? Heck off! Just say it! You’ll be amazed at the people who will rally your spirits. And don’t forget; let them help you up. People love to help. They do. Especially when they know you asked for it! Try it!

And when I made that statement “I have been feeling down and still feel down about our daughters future – I’ve given up hope,” the chances are she doesn’t feel that way, and anyone you trust that information with will give you a why it is better than it feels, response! Don’t let it destroy your life. Festering hopelessness is a KILLER! You must have hope. Ask for help. Loved Ones and Family, then Friends, lastly therapists.

Her favorite FurLess Zombie Cat
Her feature photograph for The Daily Dog Tag
Laila has a friend group that love her dearly – although you may not know it, as a Mother. But they do. And not to mention her sister – Mira