Down Syndrome Awareness – OCTOBER

Recently we had the pleasure of being asked to photograph our lovely friend Mary at Largo Resort. It was her 16th! And we had a lot of fun.

This is Mary, she is the SEU Cheer Team Manager – Heck Yeah!

We advocate for uniquely abled people to have independent and fulfilling lives: it means we want them to be as independent as they can be.

Florida Keys Down Syndrome Educational Trust aims to support that with funds for services by qualified instructors, therapists and trainers who work alongside uniquely abled kids to get them in the best place they can be to fully optimize their living arrangements and life skills.

We are parents of a DS daughter and we know she can do great things. But it takes so much time – it seems the world is just too busy for her – so we have to stomp our feet a bit to get what we want sometimes.

Other times it’s like everyone’s whispered about it behind our backs and come up with this awesome plan. Those times it feels like Angels are real and Heaven does exist on earth.

Volleyball Team Pre-Practice Included Laila! (Shh don’t tell anyone but I’d pay to have her do this daily!!)

Like When Volleyball Team Pre-Practice Includes Laila

Our best tip: don’t lose hope for too long. If you fee yourself slipping (down a slippery slope of no hope) tell someone. Can’t bear to show weakness? Heck off! Just say it! You’ll be amazed at the people who will rally your spirits. And don’t forget; let them help you up. People love to help. They do. Especially when they know you asked for it! Try it!

And when I made that statement “I have been feeling down and still feel down about our daughters future – I’ve given up hope,” the chances are she doesn’t feel that way, and anyone you trust that information with will give you a why it is better than it feels, response! Don’t let it destroy your life. Festering hopelessness is a KILLER! You must have hope. Ask for help. Loved Ones and Family, then Friends, lastly therapists.

Her favorite FurLess Zombie Cat
Her feature photograph for The Daily Dog Tag
Laila has a friend group that love her dearly – although you may not know it, as a Mother. But they do. And not to mention her sister – Mira

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