What Inspires Us About Sombrero Beach

Hopefully your Commercial Drone WORK involves drone video & drone photo for Rental Property & Real Estate, plus ocean, sand, sand dunes, sea oats, waves – clouds – birds and that horizon
394 ft max height – got some nice photos of the new Sombrero Beach Front Park dunes and the park looking fab – love the progress here since #irmahurricane and we will be back for more next month

DJI Inspire1 Pro with the very excellent Zenmuse X5S Aspherical F1.7 Lens

in love with ocean – sand – waves – sand dunes – sea oats – palm trees

Drone Work Is Always A Pleasure – Do It Legally – You Will Benefit From Doing It Legally – So Will Everyone Else

drone video
begin here http://www.faadronezone.faa.gov or go visit http://www.remotepilot101.com or http://www.airmap.com or http://www.skyward.com
last time we flew here the view was very different – this is hopeful and green – love the green
a bigger view – sombrero beach road
drone video
this beach is beginning to look like one i’d bring my kids to – mostly because the sand is lovely and there are waves – that sound tho!!

Florida Keys Drone Pros LLCC has FAA waivers in the Florida Keys, including Key West and Marathon.

The drones attached to these waivers are the Inspire 1 Pro w Zenmuse X5s, the Mavic Pro Plus w the Hasselblad Camera the GoPro Karma w the GoPro Hero7 and the GoPro Hero8 soon to be ours.

Return On Drone Investment Overnight ?

That is an expenaive drone? Well cost is only one2,185 for a DJI refurbished drone. Yes. But that didn’t happen over night. And it was a cost to me to begin with. Begin the right way in your heart and you’ll get it right.

In Your Heart? What The!

Be a servant to your creative inspiration – the energy from that keeps me going when the work isn’t inspiring. Even when you choose what work you do – you can lose momentum when the bills pile up and you can’t visualize a successful path to balancing the books. So keep the spark lit! Shoot what you love…frequently!

Finding clients and new aerial film, photo and social media marketing projects is hard. It’s hard wherever you go. It’s not a difficult skill set to learn! But the reward, for me, is the ability to continue to have and to be able to embark upon and complete work with enough resources to pay for the cost of doing it. It’s a self fulfilling cycle. With beautiful visuals and happy clients at the end of that rainbow!

So, many people would consider me someone with a visual content production company, as a hobby, one that is paying for itself. I’m good with that. For now…

Nada Khalaf-Jones, Film Photo Production

If I’m lucky it’ll never stop. But luck has less to do with this than constant seeking. Since I began in 1999 writing and photographing for media outlets, skills we’ve learned in the Florida Keys and all over the globe have fed into the Film Photo Production. Inspired work is always infinitely better: and now it no longer costs me money to fly the drone. It’s paying for itself.


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