Iconic Photography

There are some images your mind loves and others you wish would depart for good. I’m not a psychologist I don’t understand how we catalog memories – but things you love to remember are – hopefully – giving you pleasure.

And when they give you a smile, or joy, or remind you that you are changing, growing older and moving on, the same image can give you great sadness.

I think iconic photography is a way of mapping your life. It’s a way of saying – this is what I wish to remember and this is what I wish to forget. There is no such thing as a bad ‘subject’ there is – however – such a thing as a terrible image.

I’m a new photographer. But it’s evident I’m good at what I do. Why? Because I get paid. Wait – the post office gets paid when they make passport photos – that’s true – I get paid better and take longer – does that mean you are any good – well no – but the images we produce are the testimonials! Here look.

real – unedited – beach home
real – slightly edited to remove color – tweenager
real – unedited except to add light – michelada
real – macro – seed pod
real – unedited except to add light – drone shot
real – unedited except to add light – drone shot
softer than snow – pastels – rose gold – unedited

Iconic Photograpy

My husband tells me ‘enough of the self doubt’ you are brilliant. I say quietly to myself – if I am that brilliant why isn’t NatGeo chasing my talent – why aren’t I fully booked with wedding, event, real estate photography? I think two reasons.

1) I’m really good and – ‘they can’t even handle me right now!’

2) Everyone else down here is really good and the competition is much stiffer than I anticipate. People are being brought in from outside the community for less. Hungry people!

Recently I worked with a group of creatives who were being paid far too little – the contract was made between the business here and a company that hired these creatives as contractors.

The entire job was bid far below what I would bid. AND this creative talent was coming from as far as Orlando and staying the night in a not great hotel. The contract was basically offering super cheap services to a restaurant who could definitely afford more. And they were doing waaayyy too much for the pay.

This makes iconic photography a really hard thing to do and make it a ‘living’

I know the people who brought these people in. For the same price I could have taken care of the entire job. Now why wouldn’t they call me?

So when I self doubt myself these factors are what pain me. Why didn’t they ask me. Why didn’t they biggest advertising company in town hire me. Self Doubt?

SELF DOUBT isn’t what is stopping me. I do get out there and hustle. I do. Actually. And succeed almost every time. I scale my hustle to fit my work life balance. But this will change – as everything does.

When we start to grow bigger then we need more talent: I’d always hire talent from here first! This – our community – is worth investing in. Worth giving the chance to.

Iconic Photography – talent needed! My ad on social media would read “self doubters wanted – if you live here (in the Florida Keys) we want you to connect with us. If you love to be busy, do seriously hard work and enjoy playing around in a lot of creativity. If you want your social media marketing, writing, photography and film to grow into what it can fully become – we want you!”

But the hustle isn’t worth it if it pays less than minimum wage. Iconic photography is a magic all unto its own. It’s worth making time for it. And it’s worth being paid well for what we do. That goes for everything. Doing it well.

Hang the self doubt on a coat hook.

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