Florida Keys Minute

Nada Khalaf-Jones started life in England. From an early age was an extreme life adventurer and shared her experiences.

This prompted her to create a visual marketing and social media concept to help others share their stories.

She created a group of companies including Skybornvisual, Florida Keys Drone Pros, Florida Keys Social Media and http://www.weddingstoday.co.uk. 

She offers professional concept to completion online visual and written content. Her companies produce content for events, luxury real estate, global technology companies, destination elopement, engagement, and weddings both in England and all along the East Coast of the USA.

Nada Khalaf-Jones considers herself more lucky than any four leafed clover. She believes working hard drivers the best results: and is ecstatic when her work is published, which it is often, online and in print. 

She began as an assistant to Guardian UK freelance journalists, armed with a Ba in Humanities from UUJ ( University of Ulster at Jordanstown ) – she succeeded in corporate sales for a year in the UK then headed to dive the worlds oceans.

Her 27 year PADI & BSAC underwater career was a balm to her sense of endless adventure. She lived worldwide;

Egypt, Dubai, falling hard for a US Naval Aviator in 1995 she brought her scuba skills to the USA.

She eloped with Joe Jones, tying the knot on Marriage Island on the beautiful River Walk in San Antonio, Texas in 1996.

Jonesy and her are parents to four girls, one of whom is Down Syndrome. 

Very much in love with adventure, she encourages her kids to fully challenge themselfes and truly be IN the world in all their endeavors. 

Mrs Jones and the family, their two rescue dogs, and rescue cat live, thrive and love on the ‘First Key in Paradise’ Key Largo.


Ending human trafficking. Beautiful architecture. Reading science fiction. Filming weddings. Teaching (non spear fishing) free diving. Plant based cooking. Aerial photography. Walking.

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