Nada is a mother of four with aerial film, photo and great editing skills. She spends her time in the Ocean or buried in Film & Photographic Production - USA, Europe, England.

Endless nature, horizons, lighthouses, beach elopements, weddings on a grand scale, proposals of marriage, golf and fishing tournaments and meandering magical pathways through hardwood hammocks and mangrove forests.

Key West offers photographers an ideal backdrop. Bright Lights Features


We know fashion reflects our inner self. So let yours out. 

wannabe fashion model

Try Until You Can’t

For our friends who own some fabulous boutiques in the upper Florida Keys, we salute you for staying open during COVID19. 

Thank you for that. And thank you for offering clothing that allows us, (me) to take who and what we are on the inside and wear it on the outside.

Whether it is gentle and accepting, or outrageously flashy and about to go out dining or partying, or seriously impressing or just want to slip by people’s notice today. They offer it all. 

I love to, once in a while, discover these boutiques and purchase lovely things. A list of this summer’s faves is at the end. 

This story is inspired by the fabulous Liz Huddleston and her signature ‘Sizzling Summer Fashion Show.’ She is a winner. Author of many good things in the community. Not to say others aren’t. But we will get back to them.

The annual ‘Sizzling Summer Fashion’ show forces old ladies like me to parade down the catwalk. Thinking all the time they look great. And realising that whatever they look like they stepped out from behind the curtain so thy are committed to walk.

And as you put your first foot forward you realise this is a moment in which you can shine or just hurry through. So choosing to outdo everyone else has always been my fall back mode of existence. I add a little shimmy and some smiles and straighten that back and raise that head and strut.

Liz’s show always brings the best out of us as she brings us together in ways that symbolise a fantastic strengthening force. This Coronavirus helped us splinter. Run for cover. Her carefully orchestrated fashion show-lite made it come back a bit. And we are all better for it.

The people and the fashion of our community is diverse. We are professionals who wear flip flops. Fishermen who wear suit pants. Scuba divers who love to look good on days off in island fashion.

I love to see what is fashionable at different boutiques. What that style would look like. How would this rate compared to say a boutique in London, or New York?

Liz’s event planning and implementation allows us all to feel good about ourselves and, for me, offers an acceptance of myself that I rarely consider beyond this show. But, at least I get that ‘hit’ once a year. And it makes a huge difference to me. The hair and make up are all generously donated. our time given for free, we get a mad discount on the clothes and there is minimal outlay by everyone.

The biggest plus from your show, Liz, is that it makes us all look each other in the eye and accept each other. We can do so much more as a strong community. And we can support our local fashion industry. And, even if it’s just a minute and we go back to our own spaces and continue on with your selves, just knowing we connect with the world like that for a moment is a great buzz that carries over to the next one.

@drift.islamorada for the pretty print short dress. Ingrid Gabrielle Hennze for the @fendi travel trunk

@drift.islamorada for the forest green leather bag

Me personally, I love the colors, I am in love with the eclectic mix. 

I’ll plan to be styling this again with other colored bags and shoes to bring out the coral and aqua in the dress #shirtdress #fendi #shortdress #wedges #fenditrunk #leatherbag #fendiantique #wedgesandals #6inchheels #shoplocal #shoplocalfloridakeys #tropicaldresscode #dresstropical #beachlife #beachvibes #travelvibes 

@wildlillyboutique for the fabulous shirt dress with black and gold accents.

@wildlilyboutique for the glitter wedge heels.

Pretty Boho Style – This Feature Just Brings On A Smile

Skybornvisual took to the sky with a drone like a dog takes to a bone. She realized all that gorgeous content needed silky slick editing skills. Aerial wedding photography and film are no easy thing. Skybornvisual produces drone films and wedding video work that exhibit a flair for uniquely crafted digital visual story. Romance. Passion. Heart.

We are honored to have our wedding featured, Nada Khalaf-Jones is just an incredible person with a passion for life

The Handsome Groom – AJ Spotlow

Nada Khalaf-Jones started life in England. From an early age was an extreme life adventurer and shared her experiences.

This prompted her to create a visual marketing and social media concept to help others share their stories.

She created a group of companies including Skybornvisual, Florida Keys Drone Pros, Florida Keys Social Media and 

She offers professional concept to completion online visual and written content. Her companies produce content for events, luxury real estate, global technology companies, destination elopement, engagement, and weddings both in England and all along the East Coast of the USA.

Nada Khalaf-Jones considers herself more lucky than any four leafed clover. She believes working hard drivers the best results: and is ecstatic when her work is published, which it is often, online and in print. 

She began as an assistant to Guardian UK freelance journalists, armed with a Ba in Humanities from UUJ ( University of Ulster at Jordanstown ) – she succeeded in corporate sales for a year in the UK then headed to dive the worlds oceans.

Her 27 year PADI & BSAC underwater career was a balm to her sense of endless adventure. She lived worldwide;

Egypt, Dubai, falling hard for a US Naval Aviator in 1995 she brought her scuba skills to the USA.

She eloped with Joe Jones, tying the knot on Marriage Island on the beautiful River Walk in San Antonio, Texas in 1996.

Jonesy and her are parents to four girls, one of whom is Down Syndrome. 

Very much in love with adventure, she encourages her kids to fully challenge themselfes and truly be IN the world in all their endeavors. 

Mrs Jones and the family, their two rescue dogs, and rescue cat live, thrive and love on the ‘First Key in Paradise’ Key Largo.


Ending human trafficking. Beautiful architecture. Reading science fiction. Filming weddings. Teaching (non spear fishing) free diving. Plant based cooking. Aerial photography. Walking.