Nada Khalaf-Jones started life in England. From an early age was an extreme life adventurer and shared her experiences.

This prompted her to create a visual marketing and social media concept to help others share their stories.

She created a group of companies including Skybornvisual, Florida Keys Drone Pros, Florida Keys Social Media and 

She offers professional concept to completion online visual and written content. Her companies produce content for events, luxury real estate, global technology companies, destination elopement, engagement, and weddings both in England and all along the East Coast of the USA.

Nada Khalaf-Jones considers herself more lucky than any four leafed clover. She believes working hard drivers the best results: and is ecstatic when her work is published, which it is often, online and in print. 

She began as an assistant to Guardian UK freelance journalists, armed with a Ba in Humanities from UUJ ( University of Ulster at Jordanstown ) – she succeeded in corporate sales for a year in the UK then headed to dive the worlds oceans.

Her 27 year PADI & BSAC underwater career was a balm to her sense of endless adventure. She lived worldwide;

Egypt, Dubai, falling hard for a US Naval Aviator in 1995 she brought her scuba skills to the USA.

She eloped with Joe Jones, tying the knot on Marriage Island on the beautiful River Walk in San Antonio, Texas in 1996.

Jonesy and her are parents to four girls, one of whom is Down Syndrome. 

Very much in love with adventure, she encourages her kids to fully challenge themselfes and truly be IN the world in all their endeavors. 

Mrs Jones and the family, their two rescue dogs, and rescue cat live, thrive and love on the ‘First Key in Paradise’ Key Largo.


Ending human trafficking. Beautiful architecture. Reading science fiction. Filming weddings. Teaching (non spear fishing) free diving. Plant based cooking. Aerial photography. Walking.

Meike F1.7 Cine 35mm 1:1

Manual Photography With A 35mm F1.7

Manual Photography – Made This Shot

  1. Sony Alpha A6000 – Sony Alpha Entry Level Camera $549 Amazon
  2. Cine 35mm F1.7 Manual Focus Lens $69 Amazon
  3. 1:1 Ratio


Remember manual Photography? Think back to a roll of film. “35mm” refers to the width of the film (actual dimensions are 36×24 mm, but the name comes from video, which was actually 35mm). For comparison, there are other sized films, the most famous being APS film, which was a bit smaller at 24mm wide.

Digital cameras replace the film for electronic sensors. The sensors in Digital-SLR cameras are similar to the old film sizes, though. The “crop” sensors, such as the Nikon DX or Canon EF-S cameras, have sensors that are a similar size to APS film. There are also DSLRs whose sensor is the same size as a 35mm film, of which Canon calls “full-frame” and Nikon calls “FX format”.

The other meaning of “35mm” as refers to digital camera is that they can usually be used with all the same lenses that have been sold for 35mm film cameras for decades. Each manufacturer has different compatibility.



Meike 35mm F1.7 is a standard manual 35mm prime lens for Sony APS-C Mirrorless cameras. You need to set the aperture and focus manually. FULLY MANUAL Pease go to your camera CUSTOM FUNCTIONS and ENABLE release SHUTTER W/O LENS option in order to take pictures

Aperture is one of the three pillars of photography (the other two being Shutter Speed and ISO), and certainly the most important. The f-number is the focal length of the lens divided by the effective diameter of the aperture. So in the case of the 35 mm F1.7 MEIKE lens, when the aperture is set to its maximum of F1. 7, the effective diameter of the aperture will be 35 ÷ 1.7 = 20.58 mm. … For example. For more visit 

Watch the aperture story here on YouTube


Nada Jones

Manual Photography F1.7 Cine 35mm 1:1

How to shoot the shot. Use your feet. No zoom on this prime or fixed focal length lens. Move in, move back, back there you are. Love street photography. Examples of the Bokeh you can get from this lens on an A6000 E mount. Looks great. But it is a little soft. It’s ok. I can still shoot at night…I’ll trade softness for great low light shooting as in the photograph at the top. The F1.7 35mm Cine 1:1 is magic.

1:1 RATIO – which is what I use for super clear & close up detailed macro photography like this

What is Aspect Ratio?

In photography, aspect ratio represents the relationship between the width and the height of an image. It can be expressed as a number followed by a colon and followed by another number, such as 3:2, or by a decimal number such as 1.50 (which is simply the long side divided by the short side). Some even prefer to express aspect ratio as a decimal, followed by a colon and number 1, such as 1.50:1.

Common aspect ratios in photography

It is important to note that aspect ratio does not represent the physical size of an image, or its dimensions in pixels – it refers only to the relationship of its width to its height. For example, the aspect ratio of 3:2 could translate to an image that is 3 meters wide and 2 meters high, as well as 3 feet wide and 2 feet high. When looking at image dimensions in pixels, a 6000×4000 image from a 24 MP camera also has the same 3:2 aspect ratio.

Lastly, when aspect ratio is expressed in two numbers separated by a colon, the first number typically refers to the horizontal side of the image, whereas the second number refers to the vertical side. For example, 3:2 indicates a horizontal image captured in landscape orientation, whereas 2:3 refers to a vertical image captured in portrait orientation. When aspect ratio is expressed in decimal numbers such as 1.50 or 1.50:1, it ignores the orientation of the image.

There are some images your mind loves and others you wish would depart for good. I’m not a psychologist I don’t understand how we catalog memories – but things you love to remember are – hopefully – giving you pleasure.

And when they give you a smile, or joy, or remind you that you are changing, growing older and moving on, the same image can give you great sadness.

I think iconic photography is a way of mapping your life. It’s a way of saying – this is what I wish to remember and this is what I wish to forget. There is no such thing as a bad ‘subject’ there is – however – such a thing as a terrible image.

I’m a new photographer. But it’s evident I’m good at what I do. Why? Because I get paid. Wait – the post office gets paid when they make passport photos – that’s true – I get paid better and take longer – does that mean you are any good – well no – but the images we produce are the testimonials! Here look.

real – unedited – beach home
real – slightly edited to remove color – tweenager
real – unedited except to add light – michelada
real – macro – seed pod
real – unedited except to add light – drone shot
real – unedited except to add light – drone shot
softer than snow – pastels – rose gold – unedited

Iconic Photograpy

My husband tells me ‘enough of the self doubt’ you are brilliant. I say quietly to myself – if I am that brilliant why isn’t NatGeo chasing my talent – why aren’t I fully booked with wedding, event, real estate photography? I think two reasons.

1) I’m really good and – ‘they can’t even handle me right now!’

2) Everyone else down here is really good and the competition is much stiffer than I anticipate. People are being brought in from outside the community for less. Hungry people!

Recently I worked with a group of creatives who were being paid far too little – the contract was made between the business here and a company that hired these creatives as contractors.

The entire job was bid far below what I would bid. AND this creative talent was coming from as far as Orlando and staying the night in a not great hotel. The contract was basically offering super cheap services to a restaurant who could definitely afford more. And they were doing waaayyy too much for the pay.

This makes iconic photography a really hard thing to do and make it a ‘living’

I know the people who brought these people in. For the same price I could have taken care of the entire job. Now why wouldn’t they call me?

So when I self doubt myself these factors are what pain me. Why didn’t they ask me. Why didn’t they biggest advertising company in town hire me. Self Doubt?

SELF DOUBT isn’t what is stopping me. I do get out there and hustle. I do. Actually. And succeed almost every time. I scale my hustle to fit my work life balance. But this will change – as everything does.

When we start to grow bigger then we need more talent: I’d always hire talent from here first! This – our community – is worth investing in. Worth giving the chance to.

Iconic Photography – talent needed! My ad on social media would read “self doubters wanted – if you live here (in the Florida Keys) we want you to connect with us. If you love to be busy, do seriously hard work and enjoy playing around in a lot of creativity. If you want your social media marketing, writing, photography and film to grow into what it can fully become – we want you!”

But the hustle isn’t worth it if it pays less than minimum wage. Iconic photography is a magic all unto its own. It’s worth making time for it. And it’s worth being paid well for what we do. That goes for everything. Doing it well.

Hang the self doubt on a coat hook.

Florida Keys Drone Pros & Sky Born Visual

201 Sombrero Beach Road

447 Sombrero Beach Road

Real Estate Drone Video – Condominium Shoot

decorated spaces with clear Halloween intention attract all kinds of witches & wizards

Although it’s just one of the most fun holidays, and we do have all the props for Halloween Photography and I’d love to share that ambience with you, we do regular fall photographs – right through to January our packages are $75 for a 30 minute session. And can be booked here.

Locations include the Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West.

Aerials Included. We offer shots from above.

Studio shoots available. We have our own studio or we can come to you.

halloween harry potter photo session


Want tiny detail? We got it. Want a big group? We got that too. One or two people. Party? We can come to you and set up our Halloween scene (20 minutes) or you can come here. We are in Key Largo. We love those with four legs as much as we love those with two.

these two featured in ‘The Daily Dog Tag’

Photography for your business product, family legacy, greeting cards, corporate and holiday.

portrait photography for any event

portrait photography is here

book your photography session

Book your elegant, chaotic or natural family session with us for fall.

fall photo bookings are here

film and photography clients & badges

Kona Kai Resort, Art Gallery & Botanical Garden

the center of our world for weddings, engagements, elopements and just straight lovely peace

Kona Kai Resort, Gallery & Botanic Garden aerial view of this iconic Key Largo botanical gardens and art gallery before this flight we paddle boarded a few feet south to eat a simple dinner at another nearby much bigger beach resort…it was so nice to paddle back to the tranquility of our soft, dusky, modern classic French style ‘Papaya’ suite.


We just watched the video (finally! We wanted to see it for our one month anniversary 🙂 ) it left us breathless and moved us to tears.  It exceeded our expectations. You are amazing (although meeting you we already knew that) but your work is outstanding. We couldn’t be happier with what we saw and choosing you! 

My heart is full joy and happiness. We can’t thank you enough for all that you have done and continue to do! 

Xoxox S & AJ”

wedding film & wedding photography Florida Keys finest

Adored & Loved Wedding Film

“What does one say to someone who continues to leave us speechless and who has such a way with words. You’re family is lucky to have you be part of their world.  And we’re lucky that you became our world as you will always be with us. 

One of my favorite parts is when you are dancing and celebrating along with our guests. 

We felt the love that you have put into this. I truly feel beyond grateful and blessed not only to have amazing videos (I can’t get enough of any of them!) but to have met such an amazing woman. You inspire me, make me smile and warm my heart just thinking of you and our time spent together on our wedding day and even electronically. 

And I’m glad that one of your teams won (even if they beat my NY Giants-  Haha)


S & AJ”

Future Tech: Data Center Uptime, Exceptional Promotional Film

Military Aviation: Commissioned As A Sponsor For This Production
real estate production daily to all social platforms you use


We do 4k – 5k 360 and Hi Def Content | GoPro Ocean | Aerial drone video and photo | Social Media | SEO & Branding

We do super hi quality (Associated Press) social media marketing.

We spin original written content. Stories with poems. Campaigns of the heart.

We create accompanying new music. Push it with the British voice-over.

We successfully; $10,000,000 listings for real estate and rental properties; produced in 48 hours and marketed with relevant keywords & seo for relevance and ranking…..AND CONVERSION

Market Real Estate & Air B N B Fast & Direct Powerful Search Relevance & Conversion

We do it all adventure | |wedding | business |media | movies | marketing | music | reviews | press release | high tech | creative

Wedding Film & Wedding Photography – Details & Epic Story

Wedding Visuals for wedding couples, magazines, fashion boutiques and online magazines

Published? Heck Yeah.

Tacari Weddings


The Daily Dog Tag

Gay Weddings & Marriage


Wedding Chicks


we deliver your .MP4 .MOV multi gigabyte files from GoPro, Sony Alpha, Karma 360, 4KHD to you via Google Drive | Dropbox | YouTube | Vimeo.


SEO CONTENT PARAGRAPH $195. Add this paragraph of rich S.E.O content & social media marketing.

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PACKAGE Social Media Marketing Platform package $750 to six platforms.


$300 for 1 minute of RAW ( sans edit ) 4 K high definition unedited drone video, gimbal digital video & underwater ocean video plus photo. 1 hour filming. 24 hour delivery. Released on Social Media | YouTube | Vimeo Channel


$500 for 1 minute of level 1 production 4 K high definition EDITED video plus photo. 5-10 hours. Released on YouTube | Vimeo Channel, paragraph of rich S.E.O content & social media marketing. $195. Social Media Marketing platform package $750 to 3 platforms.

$900 for 1 minute of level 2 production 4 K high definition EDITED video plus photo. 10-15 hours. Released on YouTube | Vimeo Channel, paragraph of rich S.E.O content & social media marketing. Social Media Marketing platform package $750 to 3 platforms.

$1600 for 1 minute of level 3 production 4 K high definition EDITED – POLISHED video plus photo. Includes Social Media Package | Instagram video, photo & S.E.O content. Facebook video, photo & S.E.O content. Pinterest video, photo & S.E.O content. Twitter video, photo & S.E.O content. Email ready video, photo & S.E.O content. 15-20 hours. Released on YouTube | Vimeo Channel, paragraph of rich S.E.O content & social media marketing.


Let’s negotiate but start at $599 – make monthly analytics and seo quotas – your top keyword search term will move up a spot – with our film and photographic plus graphic design social media posts.

HOW ? typically for s.e.o & social media marketing to 4 platforms, with video, photo, weekly updates, blog posts.




For all real estate our visual marketing package involves seo. It really gets to the right – target – people!

Links to the film channel & websites

COPYRIGHT: These movies, content, photos are all copyrighted. You own these movies once you pay for them. You may re-publish them with Sky Born Visual LLC’s copyright license, as many times as you like. Just don’t forget to mention who made em. And if you want to re-use them commercially you can, but we require a licensing fee for each use. If you want to buy a one time use fee you can. Or a license fee for perpetuity, you can purchase that!

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Call Nada Jones to book:
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2019 – Florida Keys, North America

One day a call came in from a teacher who wanted a Montessori photo shoot done quickly and needed a price.

Montessori merges with technology

It happened so fast. One of those moments when decades of philanthropic acts are recognized in a small, but significant way.

Film Production & Photo Philanthropy

I seriously always loved embarking upon filming and photographic production of events and programs – all simply for the pleasure of learning to do it and for giving it away

So You Want New Website Photographs?

And when you get that ‘I need photos quickly how much let me pay you now’ phone call, well you have the feeling someone is watching out for you and the world is good again for a moment. Or it’s a scam? Because it all sounds like one of those phone calls to you. Until you realize the person you are talking to is your children’s teacher! Pinch me I’m dreaming!

Not only is your newly formed professional photography and film production business going to benefit but your skill set will expand and grow.

I personally LOVE taking pictures of the school environment where all the Jones kids have been educated, socialized and become generally very well adjusted young women.

But philanthropic acts of film and photo production have their limits in terms of what you can give and still pay bills. Well. I did go over board a bit! Happy now though, the Principal is taking on a project that is above and beyond anything I’d ever hoped. And it’s giving such a lot of local people really great vibes!

Down Syndrome Acceptance & Special Olympics Training !

My Down Syndrome daughter has had such a nurturing reception from the Principal in particular whose special needs training will be put to good use this year in the 2019 Special Olympics Swim competition on August 17th at Founders Park in Islamorada, Florida.

But Isn’t This A Blog About The Business Of Photography?

YEA! This blog is about the photo shoot: well I simply need to share the photographs that were delivered to for their refreshed website. I must say it was the best organized and easiest photo shoot ever. Well done to the awesome team !

What’s An ‘Easy’ Photo Shoot

I arrived with a timeline they gave me, very precise, to the minute and spent the three hours there shooting every aspect of a capacity attended interactive teacher training Montessori program. As well as the portraits requested and the exterior group shots with the sign. And the materials and the classroom shoot!

Sony Flash Synchronized – FE1.4 50mm Sony Alpha9

We also brought the 70-200mm lens and a wide. But to make the day brilliant I had my favorite assistant: Mira Jones supporting me . She is an up and coming photographer with an exceptionally creative eye. Her shots are the best. She is 11! We didn’t think to dust. Whoops!

It was a bit like shooting fish in a fish bowl! Except these were people. And Montessori materials. In the classroom setting. Nothing was moving fast.

Montessori Who Needs It!

Between two world wars several educational theories born of a need to prevent such inhuman acts, came to life, and the Montessori Pedagogy was one of them.

Nada Khalaf-Jones, North American Montessori Center Early Childhood and Lower Elementary Diploma 2007

Treasure Village Montessori is a Montessori Live Teacher Training Center

Islamorada’s Montessori Charter School
New Montessori Biology Manipulatives
Montessori Live Teacher Training Workshop
Capacity Attendance & Interactive Training

For more Florida Keys photography