We know fashion reflects our inner self. So let yours out. 

wannabe fashion model

Try Until You Can’t

For our friends who own some fabulous boutiques in the upper Florida Keys, we salute you for staying open during COVID19. 

Thank you for that. And thank you for offering clothing that allows us, (me) to take who and what we are on the inside and wear it on the outside.

Whether it is gentle and accepting, or outrageously flashy and about to go out dining or partying, or seriously impressing or just want to slip by people’s notice today. They offer it all. 

I love to, once in a while, discover these boutiques and purchase lovely things. A list of this summer’s faves is at the end. 

This story is inspired by the fabulous Liz Huddleston and her signature ‘Sizzling Summer Fashion Show.’ She is a winner. Author of many good things in the community. Not to say others aren’t. But we will get back to them.

The annual ‘Sizzling Summer Fashion’ show forces old ladies like me to parade down the catwalk. Thinking all the time they look great. And realising that whatever they look like they stepped out from behind the curtain so thy are committed to walk.

And as you put your first foot forward you realise this is a moment in which you can shine or just hurry through. So choosing to outdo everyone else has always been my fall back mode of existence. I add a little shimmy and some smiles and straighten that back and raise that head and strut.

Liz’s show always brings the best out of us as she brings us together in ways that symbolise a fantastic strengthening force. This Coronavirus helped us splinter. Run for cover. Her carefully orchestrated fashion show-lite made it come back a bit. And we are all better for it.

The people and the fashion of our community is diverse. We are professionals who wear flip flops. Fishermen who wear suit pants. Scuba divers who love to look good on days off in island fashion.

I love to see what is fashionable at different boutiques. What that style would look like. How would this rate compared to say a boutique in London, or New York?

Liz’s event planning and implementation allows us all to feel good about ourselves and, for me, offers an acceptance of myself that I rarely consider beyond this show. But, at least I get that ‘hit’ once a year. And it makes a huge difference to me. The hair and make up are all generously donated. our time given for free, we get a mad discount on the clothes and there is minimal outlay by everyone.

The biggest plus from your show, Liz, is that it makes us all look each other in the eye and accept each other. We can do so much more as a strong community. And we can support our local fashion industry. And, even if it’s just a minute and we go back to our own spaces and continue on with your selves, just knowing we connect with the world like that for a moment is a great buzz that carries over to the next one.

@drift.islamorada for the pretty print short dress. Ingrid Gabrielle Hennze for the @fendi travel trunk

@drift.islamorada for the forest green leather bag

Me personally, I love the colors, I am in love with the eclectic mix. 

I’ll plan to be styling this again with other colored bags and shoes to bring out the coral and aqua in the dress #shirtdress #fendi #shortdress #wedges #fenditrunk #leatherbag #fendiantique #wedgesandals #6inchheels #shoplocal #shoplocalfloridakeys #tropicaldresscode #dresstropical #beachlife #beachvibes #travelvibes 

@wildlillyboutique for the fabulous shirt dress with black and gold accents.

@wildlilyboutique for the glitter wedge heels.

There are some images your mind loves and others you wish would depart for good. I’m not a psychologist I don’t understand how we catalog memories – but things you love to remember are – hopefully – giving you pleasure.

And when they give you a smile, or joy, or remind you that you are changing, growing older and moving on, the same image can give you great sadness.

I think iconic photography is a way of mapping your life. It’s a way of saying – this is what I wish to remember and this is what I wish to forget. There is no such thing as a bad ‘subject’ there is – however – such a thing as a terrible image.

I’m a new photographer. But it’s evident I’m good at what I do. Why? Because I get paid. Wait – the post office gets paid when they make passport photos – that’s true – I get paid better and take longer – does that mean you are any good – well no – but the images we produce are the testimonials! Here look.

real – unedited – beach home
real – slightly edited to remove color – tweenager
real – unedited except to add light – michelada
real – macro – seed pod
real – unedited except to add light – drone shot
real – unedited except to add light – drone shot
softer than snow – pastels – rose gold – unedited

Iconic Photograpy

My husband tells me ‘enough of the self doubt’ you are brilliant. I say quietly to myself – if I am that brilliant why isn’t NatGeo chasing my talent – why aren’t I fully booked with wedding, event, real estate photography? I think two reasons.

1) I’m really good and – ‘they can’t even handle me right now!’

2) Everyone else down here is really good and the competition is much stiffer than I anticipate. People are being brought in from outside the community for less. Hungry people!

Recently I worked with a group of creatives who were being paid far too little – the contract was made between the business here and a company that hired these creatives as contractors.

The entire job was bid far below what I would bid. AND this creative talent was coming from as far as Orlando and staying the night in a not great hotel. The contract was basically offering super cheap services to a restaurant who could definitely afford more. And they were doing waaayyy too much for the pay.

This makes iconic photography a really hard thing to do and make it a ‘living’

I know the people who brought these people in. For the same price I could have taken care of the entire job. Now why wouldn’t they call me?

So when I self doubt myself these factors are what pain me. Why didn’t they ask me. Why didn’t they biggest advertising company in town hire me. Self Doubt?

SELF DOUBT isn’t what is stopping me. I do get out there and hustle. I do. Actually. And succeed almost every time. I scale my hustle to fit my work life balance. But this will change – as everything does.

When we start to grow bigger then we need more talent: I’d always hire talent from here first! This – our community – is worth investing in. Worth giving the chance to.

Iconic Photography – talent needed! My ad on social media would read “self doubters wanted – if you live here (in the Florida Keys) we want you to connect with us. If you love to be busy, do seriously hard work and enjoy playing around in a lot of creativity. If you want your social media marketing, writing, photography and film to grow into what it can fully become – we want you!”

But the hustle isn’t worth it if it pays less than minimum wage. Iconic photography is a magic all unto its own. It’s worth making time for it. And it’s worth being paid well for what we do. That goes for everything. Doing it well.

Hang the self doubt on a coat hook.

taking your hands off the wheel isn’t yet a reality – but it’s close
Tesla is transforming our world – we love it
Cloud – Ocean

The sky view from behind the gas pump blew my mind. Had the Sony Alpha with me. Went cloud hunting. The end of gas is coming. We are almost all electric. And with our new Tesla solar it’ll be 100% sustainable. Goals. For all mankind.


My film maker, and for sure the photographer, radar started pinging like crazy. Not everyday I run out of gas as I pull into the gas station. Especially since I’m typically driving an electric car. But as I filled up the big ass truck, I saw something that for sure I would have missed it if it wasn’t for the gas stop. The horizon had this contrasting dark-white-dark-white cloud floating with a flat horizon – a thick level of cloud floating over the ocean.

Flat Calm Ocean – CLOUDS – Film Maker Photographer Alert!

Flat Calm Ocean – Candy For My Camera

Instead of going home I took an ocean-wards turn aiming to practice the film making skills I’m worst at: steady camera, zoom in tight and keep it steady! For sure a good arm workout helps but so does a monopod and a gimbal. Where are they when you need them most?

It’s like life: you don’t always have the equipment you need. But if you got the camera, the sd card and the batteries are charged…it’s amazing what comes out of a few moments with dramatic cloud and flat calm ocean.

Trick is to ignore the bugs biting. The shaky hand. And the dishes and Linsey waiting a few miles north.

Tying the flat calm ocean and dramatic cloud to the Tesla and V8 Nissan Titan? Well the message? Well. Gas v electric. Emissions v no emissions? Autonomous vehicles v not. That’s how.


The Hope Springing From Seagulls Clouds & Calm Ocean

The scenes depicted here filled me up with hope that it’s worth making some autonomous vehicle choices to help this amazing planet and some of us frequent drivers.

Full Self Driving (FSD)

Or, one day, (Only one company has it implemented and that’s truck company full self driving (FSD) will make it possible for everyone and the rest of the people who wouldn’t get out without fully autonomous vehicles that could take them places! Elderly, disabled, uniquely abled.

Car Background; Titan XD Platinum & Tesla Model S

When HURRICANE-IRMA left we had no cars. She took em with her. So we went from no car payments to two used car payments!

One, a gorgeous used full leather interior Titan XD Platinum, a fairly low mileage big blue loud V8. Truck!!!

The other, a used all electric, semi autonomous Tesla Model S. Electric. Silent. Faster and safer then most other cars! On and off earth

Honestly you couldn’t get more opposite! This photography and film shoot at Harry Harris Park represents a real passion for a better world. Tesla says he is after the same thing. And I, for one, believe him. Money. Heck yeah. He is in it for the money. But look what he is doing. SpaceX – Batteries – Boring Co!

But something better for us and our kids. That too. And no emissions. Look it up.

Autonomous driving tech is really smart now: it may make all the difference in our uniquely abled daughters life! And anyone else who can’t drive. It’s a freedom. Precious. To go to work or school. Under your own steam. Well: with Tesla driving you safely where you need to go.

Future Tech: Data Center Uptime, Exceptional Promotional Film

Military Aviation: Commissioned As A Sponsor For This Production
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