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nada khalaf-jones photography

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We capture from ocean, air earth – weave in words to the pictures. When 4K came along inside dslr’s we snapped up the Sony Alpha cameras and a bunch of new GoPro’s and haven’t look back. Delivering your 6 seconds to 40 second film story with stunning animated photography and logo. Branding has never been easier. Pick up your high definition video, photo, original written content with local and global distribution in a 24 hour period.

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Since the 1990’s in the Persian Gulf and Egyptian Red Sea, San Diego then the Florida Keys we’ve made underwater ocean video and photo. With fantastic freelance journalistic written content and social marketing for real estate. Our underwater and earth cameras went Sky born visual in 2016. Visit our Florida Keys aerial photography and film all over the Florida Keys MLS or go here www.floridakeysdronepros.com

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nada khalaf-jones photography

Find that audience getting ‘hook’ video, photo, headline for social media, pick dynamic video clips, add titles & seo paragraphs. Romantic wedding content catches our heart strings, as does alluring Florida Keys adventure and lifestyle content.

We are frequently commissioned to make real life 4K HD drone stories along with that top notch written content.

Lovelyworldadventure.com and skybornvisual.com have both been underwater since 2012 and we dry off in between and make experiences underwater into the visuals for clients to deliver their messages impact-fully on land.


nada khalaf-jones photography

For us filming never seems to stop, from the ocean, the reefs and deep dark shipwrecks, the method of delivery has changed. In the early days of rudimentary cameras the GoPro 360 Fusion in 5K HD have enhanced what you receive from us.

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We are based in Key Largo Florida and London. Contact us for the most adventure driven, dynamic promotional movies and angles from the break out life. Cement the right impression. Or wrong. Reach more people with our multi-level social media hooks and consult with us for your marketing campaign. What is it you want to say? Now what are you going to say?

nada khalaf-jones photography

production pipeline

Concept to production completion in 24 hours.

social marketing too

nada khalaf-jones photography social media marketing specialists are focused via instagram, twitter, reddit, facebook, pinterest and snapchat delivering daily on the good things in life like family, ocean, culture, education, healthy lifestyle.

Marketing is an intuitive structural sense of what is good and bad for someone. And we are great at it. We excel in delivering your visuals through videography and photo with the right tags and SEO.

With SEO from our days as a journalist we think we know how to delve into what makes you tick. And help you discover whether your journey is the destination. And seize the moment.

Our motto is ‘the sky isn’t the limit’


truly who we are

nada khalaf-jones photography

Nada (Khalaf) Jones is originally from the British Isles, she is a mother of 4, who lives in the Florida Keys, she has a bachelors (BA) Honors Degree in Humanities from the University of Ulster at Jordanstown and became a PADI scuba instructor in 1992. With 26 years of underwater (non verbal communication) and international travel experience. Jones loves to shop! How is that good? Here is there result of her search for the best modern videography and photography equipment available.

Sony Alpha and GoPro, Zhiyun and DJI seem to provide the best quality and smoothest, most professional footage of Florida Keys life, and Florida Keys ocean and underwater adventures.

Lovelyworldadventure.com, floridakeysdronepros.com and Nada-Jones.com provide travel footage every year for family consumption. @floridakeyshousewife travels from London to Europe to America, Asia and the Middle East

establishing charitable mindsets

nada khalaf-jones photography

Established in 2009 Jones co-directed a powerfully effective charity for Down Syndrome children. With her kids and husband and a small but loyal board of directors. Florida Keys Down Syndrome Educational Trust, fkdset.org organizes Down Syndrome awareness and fund raising events that provide skilled assistance to DS people and families in the Florida Keys.

FKDSET | Facebook.com/fkdset

Ocean, Air, Earth Film & Photography

ocean, air, earth film and photography

Ocean, Air, Earth Film & Photography

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