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We charge a minimum of one hour which is $575 for a simple video. (Real Estate Video, Product Video) No people. This Includes whatever production – cameras, lights, you need to get it done. In the vicinity of Key Largo. We always shoot in 4K. Always bring beautiful stunning audio recording devices. And we always edit using the best state of the art editing suites. We include drone, Sony Alpha cameras and all the kit.

We typically ask for 3 hours if it is going to be filming people in any way shape or form. People are beautiful, complicated, romantic, dangerous, dramatic and funny. But we love to shoot engagements on the beach, weddings, documentaries or interviews, there is a flat fee of $1400.

You want to tell your story. We can do that. Our fave films are when someone says here is my budget, make me a film that says this…there is that ‘angels singing in the clouds’ moment. Then we get to work. Typically a website header, for example, is going to cost $2500. A 3 hour shoot for a final cut 20 minute wedding film will be more like $3000, a lot more editing, story and audio involved.

BUT THEN AGAIN…Everyone makes films with smartphones. And now gimbals put the problem of camera shake in the trash. We use a variety of gimbals for different equipment. I think it’s amazing. We can do smartphone documentaries like it is nothing. Now!

Gimbals are battery powered motorized gyroscopes. 3 Axis gimbals make great footage even better. Because it’s rare you can self without shaking. A gimbal stabilizes the camera.

Your camera probably has in-camera stabilization already. But a gimbal makes the obvious movements less so.


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What are you curious about? Is it something simple, like what is HTML, or what is a short code, or what is a instagram Story versus a News Feed, or where did my Snap go? And what is TikTok or why would I open an Pinterest account? Reddit? Linkedin? How useful are they. And what is Google Analytics or SEO or FTP…or CSS. And why is an ALT TAG even a thing?

What we like to start with is why is SEO & Website Design more important than any advertising campaign on earth? 1) branding is built into your website, 2) seo and keywords and hashtags are all central to your branding, 3) backlinks and great visual and written content is what will spread your word and rank you on google, yahoo and bing and maybe duck duck go? 4) don’t keep up with the Jones’ get into your vibe, your groove and build it strong, grow it deep, make it infinitely YOU. Then things happen. If it’s a little broad and chaotic and wow out there to start with, don’t worry, the best of us can be that way, once you realise how much impact a few small words can have on your web presence, the world starts to come into clearer focus..and then we start to sharpen your brand and get that specific ‘reason for my existence’ (on the web) sorted out.

This form is as much to bring us to you as your global domination success team as it is to inform you about what is there and how fast it is all changing. We don’t keep up. We love love love what we do and it seems to flow along faster and faster, and we love it even more.

We are here to help you get to the local or global digital visual super highway, well maybe the expressway to being with, letting yourself into a web presence that fits you down to a T.

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http://www.GOOGLETRENDS.COM & Is magical for knowing what keyword (in your industry) competition is around you and keeping YOU where you need to be, in front of the clients that are trying to find you but are faced with forests full of words and advertisements and ‘that’s not what I am looking for.’

Today I Learned my competitors are spending upwards of $30,000 to keep them ranking. Using pay per click or some traffic generator that brings people to them. I don’t have that kind of cash. My small business has pennies to spend on advertising. So we spend it writing and SEO’in and ALT tagging and back linking and working it.

I scanned four competing websites and found what they are ranking for but NOT spending money on. And I learned that I am the ONLY one on the industry here NOT spending thousands on marketing my keywords.

This makes you feel good because people are STILL FINDING me. Because i’m writing constantly. Researching my keywords, relevance and trying hard to get the all important page experience optimized.

You can do this. But it takes a lot of time. SEO for Florida Keys Photographer or Elopement Photography and Family Photographer or Florida Keys Wedding Photographer or Key Largo Photographer is super saturated.

Worth Every Penny!!

Instead of spending thousands on ads and pay per clicks i’ve opted for manual content creation ground work. It amazes me how many people can easily write their own content but don’t.


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